Instruction books

For machines produced during or after 2005, our instruction books are placed at Agroparts
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You can also find HARDI spare Parts Catalogue at Agroparts 

For older HARDI machines (before 2005) you can find instruction books below
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Title Filename Extension Size
BOSS / HERON (English - 2002) 673791_Boss-Heron-GB.pdf pdf 4,301.33 KB
BL Betriebsanleitung 673271_BL_Betriebsanleitung_-_D.pdf pdf 2,826.74 KB
BL (English - 2002) 673224_BL_-GB.pdf pdf 3,308.35 KB
BL (English - 1983) 674612_BL_US_02.1983.pdf pdf 2,084.93 KB
BL (Dutch) 673226_BL-NL.pdf pdf 3,302.36 KB
BL 673256_BL_F_86_01.pdf pdf 3,206.05 KB
ALPHA Plus 677833_Alpha_GBa.pdf pdf 11,768.59 KB
ALPHA Cabin Supplement 673189_Alpha_Cabin_Supplement_GB.pdf pdf 328.52 KB
ALPHA 2200/2500 - HAY/HAZ 670709_ALPHA_TWIN_FORCE-GB.pdf pdf 6,910.38 KB
ALPHA 2000/2500- OLH/GVA 670701_ALPHA-GB.pdf pdf 10,447.91 KB
ALPHA 2000/2500 - OLH/GVA 670707_ALPHA-NL.pdf pdf 8,218.97 KB
ALPHA - Service and Maintenance Logbook 673394_Alpha_logbogGB0404.pdf pdf 50.47 KB
Adjustable Agitation Valve 679015_Adjustable_AgitationValve_GB.pdf pdf 404.02 KB
979583_NOVA_Quick_Guide_CZE.pdf 979583_NOVA_Quick_Guide_CZE.pdf pdf 1,965.99 KB
979582_NOVA_Quick_Guide_NL.pdf 979582_NOVA_Quick_Guide_NL.pdf pdf 1,878.55 KB
978116_NOVA_Quick_Guide_FIN.pdf 978116_NOVA_Quick_Guide_FIN.pdf pdf 1,867.58 KB
978111_NOVA_Quick_Guide_S.pdf 978111_NOVA_Quick_Guide_S.pdf pdf 2,458.25 KB
978110_NOVA_Quick_Guide_D.pdf 978110_NOVA_Quick_Guide_D.pdf pdf 3,327.77 KB
978109_NOVA_Quick_Guide_F.pdf 978109_NOVA_Quick_Guide_F.pdf pdf 2,030.04 KB
978108_NOVA_Quick_Guide_DK_.pdf 978108_NOVA_Quick_Guide_DK_.pdf pdf 2,037.69 KB