Instruction books

For machines produced during or after 2005, our instruction books are placed at Agroparts
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You can also find HARDI spare Parts Catalogue at Agroparts 

For older HARDI machines (before 2005) you can find instruction books below
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Title Filename Extension Size
HARDI NOVA 4000 673176_Hardi_Nova_GB.pdf pdf 3,365.37 KB
HARDI NOVA 4000 673177_HARDI_NOVA_-DK.pdf pdf 2,106.05 KB
HARDI NOVA 4000 673178_Nova_instr_05_2004__F.pdf pdf 2,818.94 KB
HARDI NOVA 4000 673179_HARDI_NOVA_-D.pdf pdf 2,939.26 KB
HARDI NOVA 4000 673180_HARDI_NOVA_-S.pdf pdf 2,848.22 KB
HARDI Controller HC 1500/2500 ver.1.07 670745_Controller_2500_ver._1.07_FIN.pdf pdf 1,142.10 KB
HARDI Controller HC 1500/2500 v.1.13 670771_HC_2500_CONTROLLER_-_E.pdf pdf 1,216.94 KB
HARDI Controller HC 1500/2500 v.1.07 670761_HC_2500_CONTROLLER_v.1.07_-NL.pdf pdf 1,190.33 KB
HARDI AutoTrack Quick Guide 670822_2005_12_AUTO_TRACK_QUICK_GUIDE.pdf pdf 287.87 KB
HARDI AutoTrack Quick Guide 670824_Trail_Control_Quick_Guide_-DK.pdf pdf 275.51 KB
Foam Marker: Assembly 673164_FOAM_MARKER_-Multi_language.pdf pdf 1,048.39 KB
Fast Filling Device 672196_Fast_Filling_Device_Multi.pdf pdf 436.89 KB
Cooper Pegler TORNADO Major 673181_TORNADO_Multi.pdf pdf 1,060.50 KB
Cooper Pegler CP5/CP8 MAXIPRO 673005_CP5_CP8_MAXIPRO_Multi.pdf pdf 1,377.62 KB
Cooper Pegler CP15 Parts Identification 670295_Parts_Identification_Document.pdf pdf 2,822.32 KB
Cooper Pegler CP15 670817_CP15_Multi_00_04.pdf pdf 687.89 KB
Cooper Pegler CP1.5 MINIPRO 672202_Pressure_Test_CP1.5_Minipro_Multi_language.pdf pdf 936.03 KB
CM Rinsing tank: Assembly 672206_CM_Rinsing_tank_Multi.pdf pdf 815.67 KB
CM plus 2200/2800/3200/4200 - OLH/OLV/OLS 670760_COMMANDER_Plus_OLH_OLV_OLS_-F.pdf pdf 5,610.28 KB
CM plus 2200/2800/3200/4200 - OLH/OLV/OLS 670769_COMMANDER_Plus_OLH_OLV_OLS_-S.pdf pdf 5,621.10 KB