Instruction books

For machines produced during or after 2005, our instruction books are placed at Agroparts
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You can also find HARDI spare Parts Catalogue at Agroparts 

For older HARDI machines (before 2005) you can find instruction books below
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Title Filename Extension Size
TY 1500 - HYB 670759_TY_HYB-I.pdf pdf 4,956.70 KB
TWIN book 670830_TWIN_BOOK_D_00_11_.pdf pdf 326.21 KB
Spray Journal 672025_SPRUTJOURNAL_-_S.pdf pdf 1,530.25 KB
SPM - OLH 670201.pdf pdf 1,905.42 KB
Sonar 67300102_SONAR_GB.pdf pdf 4,570.16 KB
Solenoid Control 670770_SOLENOID_CONTROL_-GB.pdf pdf 883.53 KB
NK/NV 672030.pdf pdf 6,066.26 KB
MRY/Tornado 672031_Tornado_-_Arabian.pdf pdf 628.93 KB
MRY duster kit 672186_88_03_Duster_kit_MRY.pdf pdf 81.50 KB
ME 800/1000/1200 - LPY/LPZ 672023_MEGA_LPY_LPZ_-FIN.pdf pdf 4,300.02 KB
MARRO - HAZ 670762_MARRO_TWIN_FORCE_-NL.pdf pdf 3,630.21 KB
MARRO - HAZ 670755_Marro_Twin_Force_-_F.pdf pdf 3,442.43 KB
MA 800/100/1200 - VHY/VHZ 670776_MA_VHY_VHZ_F.pdf pdf 2,471.46 KB
MA 600/800/1000/1200 - MB/HFM 672026_MASTER_MB_HFM_-_FIN.pdf pdf 4,424.14 KB
MA 600/800/1000/1200 - MB/HFM 672026.pdf pdf 4,424.14 KB
MA 600/800/1000/1200 - HB/HFM 670833_MASTER_HB_HFM_-S.pdf pdf 2,354.55 KB
MA - MB: Assembly 672203.pdf pdf 2,270.53 KB
KS/TR/PU/UN/SR/GN/CT (motorised) 670832_KS_TR_PUS0103.pdf pdf 3,487.69 KB
HAY/HAZ Fan r/min sensor 670756_Fan_Speed_Sensor_HAY_HAZ.pdf pdf 648.69 KB
HARDI PILOT HP 3880 GPS link 670816_PILOT_3880_DPE_-_GPS.pdf pdf 560.13 KB