Instruction books

For machines produced during or after 2005, our instruction books are placed at Agroparts
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You can also find HARDI spare Parts Catalogue at Agroparts 

For older HARDI machines (before 2005) you can find instruction books below
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Title Filename Extension Size
673271_BL_Betriebsanleitung_-_D.pdf 673271_BL_Betriebsanleitung_-_D.pdf pdf 2,826.74 KB
673294_Contr.Mon_ver1.13_GB.pdf 673294_Contr.Mon_ver1.13_GB.pdf pdf 854.36 KB
673297_Controller-Monitor-DK.pdf 673297_Controller-Monitor-DK.pdf pdf 1,184.23 KB
673299_Controller-Monitor-S.pdf 673299_Controller-Monitor-S.pdf pdf 1,148.75 KB
673301.pdf 673301.pdf pdf 2,182.20 KB
673325__ELECTRIC_REMOTE_F._FOAMMARKER_1997.pdf 673325__ELECTRIC_REMOTE_F._FOAMMARKER_1997.pdf pdf 1,254.35 KB
673326.pdf 673326.pdf pdf 1,957.32 KB
673394_Alpha_logbogGB0404.pdf 673394_Alpha_logbogGB0404.pdf pdf 50.47 KB
673396_NK_NV_F_96_06.pdf 673396_NK_NV_F_96_06.pdf pdf 3,207.76 KB
673492_LX_MB_HB_Instruktionsbog_0692_DK.pdf 673492_LX_MB_HB_Instruktionsbog_0692_DK.pdf pdf 1,678.46 KB
673514_LX_GB.pdf 673514_LX_GB.pdf pdf 7,788.50 KB
673617_LX_instruktionsbog_S_83_2.pdf 673617_LX_instruktionsbog_S_83_2.pdf pdf 12,056.55 KB
673618_Metpole-GB.pdf 673618_Metpole-GB.pdf pdf 3,209.92 KB
673633_NK-NV-DK.pdf 673633_NK-NV-DK.pdf pdf 5,334.87 KB
673635_NK-NV-GB.pdf 673635_NK-NV-GB.pdf pdf 6,602.17 KB
673637_NK_NV_D_95_03.pdf 673637_NK_NV_D_95_03.pdf pdf 5,743.88 KB
673639_NK-NV-NL.pdf 673639_NK-NV-NL.pdf pdf 5,763.35 KB
673641_NK_NV_E_96_01.pdf 673641_NK_NV_E_96_01.pdf pdf 2,871.40 KB
673643_NK-NV-S.pdf 673643_NK-NV-S.pdf pdf 5,562.26 KB
673645-NK_NV_FIN_04.pdf 673645-NK_NV_FIN_04.pdf pdf 7,132.37 KB